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2.4/5 GHz, 3G/4G LTE, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, 12VDC, 700-2600MHz, 800g Transform your NETGEAR AirCard mobile hotspot into a powerful LTE router with this AirCard Smart Cradle. With high-gain internal 4G/3G antennas and external Wi-Fi antennas, 1 USB port and 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, users can maximize the power of their mobile Wi-Fi network and get the ultimate range and performance needed for homes and offices.

- Built-in 4G/3G Wireless WAN antennas to significantly boost signals and extend coverage indoors and in areas with low signal strength
- 802.11ac Dual-Band and Dual-Concurrent Wi-Fi (DBDC) for improved performance and reduced interference
- Connects up to 20 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously
- 2 external high-gain Wi-Fi antennas to extend Wi-Fi range
- Beamforming+ to improve wireless range and reliability
- 4 Gigabit LAN ports to provide tethered Internet connectivity for your home or office NAS or desktop computer
- 1 Gigabit WAN port to provide main or failover connectivity
- 1 USB 3.0 port enabling ReadySHARE? USB storage and printer access
- Digital Living Network Alliance? (DLNA) certified for easy data sharing and video streaming on DLNA-capable devices
- 2 TS-9 connectors available for optional 4G/3G antennas
- Quick to setup and use
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