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Privacy Filter - 15.6" Dell Privacy Filter for 15.6 inch laptop keeps your onscreen data private, offering effective ?black out? privacy from side views outside the 60-degree viewing angle.

Keep on-screen information private

The Dell Privacy Filter offers a clear view from the front and provides effective "black out" privacy from the sides. Keep others outside the 60-degree viewing angle from seeing what is on your laptop screen, without blocking your own view. Attaching the privacy filter on a high resolution screen does not compromise on screen clarity.

Ultra-thin and responsive to touch

At 0.29mm thin, it puts less pressure on the screen hinges especially for very thin and light laptops. Works well with touch and non-touch screens while protecting them from scratches, marks and smudges.

Easy to attach and remove

Reversible, this screen filter can be used on either side. Easily attach and remove the filter from your laptop with its frameless design.
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