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  • E-DLQ3500I
  • Epson
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24-pin, 136 colums, 550 chars/s, 78 W, 128 kB, USB, LCD 24-pin dot matrix printer
Premium, multi-part dot matrix device - print one original and up to seven carbon copies. This low energy unit features an LCD screen

Ideal for logistics and warehousing businesses, along with government and public sector organisations, the DLQ-3500II is a premium, efficient dot matrix printer, with an LCD screen, that?s exceptionally economical to run and is ultra-reliable across all stationery types

In challenging printing conditions, the robust DLQ-3500II 24-pin dot matrix printer provides premium performance, allied to reduced energy use. With sturdy casing and reliable dot matrix technology, it?s capable of delivering high-quality output even when the environment is dusty or active.

Equally, when time is tight, the DLQ-3500II delivers fast printing of up to 550 characters per second (High-Speed-Draft, 10cpi), via a fast and robust 24-pin dot matrix printer with 136 columns.

The printer?s performance is matched by its cost-effectiveness. Thanks to the efficient and reliable dot matrix technology, and low-cost ribbons, it represents a printing solution that is extremely budget friendly.

An LCD screen also provides valuable user convenience.

The only 24-pin dot matrix printer on the market with 8 prints in one.?
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