Intel SSD 535 120GB M.2 SATA

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SSD 535 Series (120GB, M.2 80mm SATA 6Gb/s, 16nm, MLC) Intel Evolving Storage Technology
Intel? Solid State Drives (Intel? SSDs) continue to evolve with the introduction of the Intel? SSD 535 Series.

Designed for a wide range of consumer and embedded platforms, including Ultrabook?, traditional desktops and laptops, mini computers, and digital signage, as well as the latest tablets and small form factor mobile systems, Intel SSD 535 Series combines high quality, reliable performance and low power consumption for space conscious computing.

Small Form Factors
The Intel SSD 535 Series M.2 form factor delivers outstanding performance for thin and light computing devices. Intel?s SSD M.2 form factor requires far less space than a traditional 2.5-inch form factor storage device. Intel SSD 535 Series is also available in traditional 2.5-inch form factors, providing a variety of solid state technology solutions.

The Intel SSD 535 Series product line is available in capacities ranging from 56GB to 480GB.

Latest NAND Technology
Intel SSD 535 Series uses the latest 16nm NAND technology.

You will also benefit from the high quality and reliability you?ve come to expect from Intel. Along with power and space savings, reliability, and peace of mind, the Intel SSD 535 Series comes with Intel?s outstanding customer support and 5-year limited warranty.

A New Generation of Power
Efficient Performance With the Intel SSD 535 Series, your computer will effortlessly manage demanding consumer client applications and easily handle intense multi-tasking.
The Intel SSD 535 Series accelerates platform performance with sequential reads of up to 540 megabytes and sequential writes of up to 490 megabytes per second (MB/s) and random read and write input/output operations (IOPS) of up to 48K and 80K respectively.

In addition to strong performance gains, Intel SSD 535 Series provides extended battery life through low power modes. Idle power consumption of Intel SSD 535 Series is reduced by >90% over a typical hard disc drive, thereby reducing power consumption from watts to milliwatts. When the Intel SSD 535 Series is coupled with a 4th or 5th generation Intel?
Core-based platform, advanced power mode settings reduce power dissipation another order of magnitude ? from milliwatts to microwatts.

Product Spotlight
- High performance for demanding applications;
- High quality and reliability;
- Low power consumption;
- Space-conscious form factors;
- 16nm NAND technology;
- Wide range of capacities.
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