24x27.5in Beige Desktop Anti-Static Mat, Anti static floor mat, Beige, 700 mm, 600 mm, 2 mm, 810 g

Cod: 4462169 - EAN: 0065030301305 24x27.5in Beige Desktop Anti-Static Mat (M3013) 24x27.5in Beige Desktop Anti-Static Mat. Product type: Anti static floor mat, Product colour: Beige. Width: 700 mm, Depth: 600 mm, Thickness: 2 mm. Package width: 90 mm, Package depth: 615 mm, Package height: 90 mm Add a large 24" x 27.5" anti-static mat to your desktop or work station's Desktop Anti-Static Mat helps you protect your valuable computer equipment from dangerous static electricity. This high quality anti-static mat is constructed from the highest quality static dissipative material, to ensure safe operation of your equipment.

The anti-static mat meets IBM and US military static control standards and measures 24x27.5in - perfect for placement under the CPU/VDT and keyboard.

The Advantage

- Protect sensitive equipment from static damage
- Top technical specifications meet IBM & US military static control standards
- Highest quality static dissipative material-not the ineffective conductive system
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