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BigFoot Mouse Pad - black Trust Bigfoot Gel Mouse Pad. Width: 195 mm, Depth: 230 mm. Product colour: Black, Surface coloration: Monochromatic, Material: Microfibre, Wrist rest, Non-slip base Ergonomic mouse pad with soft gel filled wrist rest for a comfortable position of your hand, preventing excessive straining

Soft and Comfortable
We have found BigFoot, and he?s softer than we expected. The Trust BigFoot Mouse Pad ensures you will be in full control over your mouse movements, while remaining comfortable.

It?s All in the Wrist
A long day at the office? Don?t worry: the mouse pad makes sure you?re comfortable every step of the way. The soft gel rest supports your wrist, so you can focus on getting things done without having to strain.

Firmly in Place
The mousepad has an anti-skid bottom, keeping it in place on your desk. It doesn?t matter how quick your mouse movements are, the pad will stay in the same spot.

Precise Performance
Whatever mouse you?re working with, the soft microfiber surface of the pad will improve its performance. With added precision, you?ll smoothly move your mouse pointer across the screen.
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