HP 256 MB 167 MHz 200-pin DDR DIMM, 0.25 GB, 1 x 0.25 GB, DDR

Cod: 1545321 - EAN: 0883585864904
HP 256 MB 167 MHz 200-pin DDR DIMM HP 256 MB 167 MHz 200-pin DDR DIMM. Internal memory: 0.25 GB, Memory layout (modules x size): 1 x 0.25 GB, Internal memory type: DDR Overview

Improve printing performance of complex documents by enhancing data flow with HP memory upgrades.


Get complex print jobs completed faster and meet your deadlines more easily.

Quickly offload more and larger files from the network, reducing network traffic.

Focus on the content of your work, not the time it will take to print.
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